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Delhi Art Fair at its absurdity best!

A recent visit to India Art Fair in Delhi, observed as India’s most prestigious Art Fair in the country known for its class, scale and presentations of its featured artists who participate with various style and genre at the Art Fair aimed for public viewing. The Fair is significant for creating a sense of curiosity for art lovers and artists across the country. It is considered as one of the motivational event for creative brains. However, it was a bit awkward process this year, where one had to go through series of terms and conditions and security protocols issued in an environment of sensitive expression and emotional belief and intimacy. No doubt, it must be in the keen interest of security but on slipping in there was lot more to be sensed than just security rationale.   

Generally, upcoming artists and art lovers come here to witness the salutary creations of established artists and attend discussion and talks about current and feature art works, curatorial projects, collaboration of galleries with artists, art in public spaces and art education and practices. The initiative is taken by the galleries and established artists in the country show a keen interest in development of art and education and bringing new dimension and perspective and verticals in academia of visual practices and initiating public forums as well as creative programs to engage art practices within public space.

All said and done! Fairly enough, witnessed by a few who could trick themselves in the campus of sensitive, sensible and sumptuous creativity zone. The basic idea and hopefully if not mistaken, ‘Art Fair’ is organised on a commercially operated park where there are shows and display of artistic fervour and it is entirely aimed at impressing public and art lovers despite of their financial and social status. It is supposed to be free from favouritism or self-interest or bias or deception; conforming with established standards or rules. But this fair has totally changed the concept, it has not at all been fair to many and the idiom everything comes at a price, seemed pertinent to the operation of whole affair of Fair. More than layman who is supposed to view and develop appreciation for art, one had the feeling that it was a summit of elites. The pompous socialites were the most sought after and heartily welcomed viewers of the Fair. Discussions were nothing but diplomatic views. Established artists forged elements and textures of verbal expression. Obviously ending up as entertainers of numerous platforms with their directorial ideologies and philosophies. Evidently, the neutrality was completely diluted and farce irked the patrons of art. It was clearly an exaltation of delusory beguiling. The spot turned out to be the resource of placid clandestine deal with the certain class of influence. The art lovers and artists from third estates or masses were rare at the scenario as the invitations were restricted to elites only.

This Art Fair failed to establish connection with novice artists and art buffs among masses and that too ironically at the happening taking place at Public Park. This was a grave mistake; very offensive! It has to be given critical importance, because the neglect of masses for classes can affect the future of Art Fair.   

The only rectification for this is that there should be no viewing restrictions and limitations on entry for viewing art works and getting acquainted with established galleries and artists expressing concerns on introducing programs to engage artists and masses into art practice for development of language and vision of art as a representative culture for all, in common interest.

I believe, that if almost all the established artists of today who vocalize their complain about restrictions, permissions and explorations and quest and queries of art when confronted by institutions and galleries, then why do they go mute in case of restrictions, permissions, explorations and quests that pop up at such events held in the name of Fair, for layman, at public spaces?

Introducing new ideas and new visions is easy to express, but the bitter truth is far tasteless in reality. In recent times or until today I have not seen any collaborative projects being introduced in public spaces or in institution by artists or galleries as they are solely for private circulation. To get into the circle one has to count the price and not just calculate on your art or process. Invitations move within certain circles and not in Art Institutions or for young and talented artist waiting eagerly, ready to work.

Sadly, such organization of programs are not encouraging, instead these seem to be only an encroachment of public parks. Art Fair at Public Park is moving away from its sublime motto of development in spreading art and its processes amongst society to promote young talent, introducing them to various platforms of development. This very base has been reduced to secondary consideration. Art fervency is chocked in unfavourable, faith-lacking conditions of such events. If the constant rejection and criticism of masses go point-blank, very soon it will jeopardize the manipulative intentions that are gaining preference.  

As a well- wisher and an art patron I feel, It would be the right move if galleries introduce public forums creating opportunities of art, culture and literature in simple and common language for all and must be patient in the processes. If such events in interest of public, have to be made a huge success, involvement of art appreciators among the masses have to be entertained and encouraged.

“Patience will pay patrons.” Hopefully await the best and socio-friendly Art Fairs from next year onwards.